Dr Vikram Sarabhai was a formidable scientist and played a vital role in the rapid growth of pharmaceutics in India. He also helped organizing the implementation of space science in the country. ASE engaged in drugs & pharmaceuticals and became a facelift of Indian pharmsceuticals.
Dr. Sarabhai provided a clear direction to the Indian paramedics and played an important role in the development of the country. Until the mid 80s ASE was considered India’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. The founder of the company Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, passed away in 1971. Sarabhai Chemicals continues today to honor his vision and ideals and make India proud.

History Of Sarabhai Chemicals

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The exploration of Sarabhai Chemicals commenced in 1970 leading to advancement of oncology products in India. Sarabhai chemicals was the first to promote oncology products in the country, for instance Hydrosara (Hydroxyurea) was an antidote of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) introduced in India by Sarabhai Chemicals. In 1997, Sarabhai Chemicals collabrated with Premium pharma manufacturers in USA for two biotech testing products specifically Proleukin (IL2) for MRCC & Cardioxane (Dexrazoxane) for Chemotherapy induced cardio toxicity.

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Serving Since 1880, History of Group

Earlier, in the begining of 19th century, Shri Karamchand Premchand gave rise to entrepreneurship, business integrity and social awareness. This lead to the foundation of first industrial enterprise: Calico, one of Ahembdabad’s oldest textile mills, established in 1880. The business was later on succeeded by his progeniture Ambalal Sarabhai.

Ambalal Sarabhai(29th February 1890- 13 July 1967) was an Indian industrialist and follower of Mahatama Gandhi. Ambalal Sarabhai was the founder of the Sarabhai Group of Companies and he was also the chairman of Calico Mills. He is also known for his participation in Indian Independence Movement. Ambalal Sarabhai took over the family business, integrated and diversified it nationwide. His Son Dr Vikram Sarabhai (Padam Bhushan, Padam Vibhushan) was the founder of Sarabhai Chemicals.He pointed out the necessity for further scientific advertising and provided direction, order that was required by the nation to sectionally produce and promote good quality medicines for its public. Dr. Sarabhai is also regarded as the father of India’s space programme.
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When Vikram Sarabhai became the chairman of the Atomic Commision of India in 1966, He handed over the business to his elder brother – Gautam Sarabhai. Besides managing the entire sarabhai portfolio of companies, Gautam Sarabhai also revived the philosophy of the Bauhaus design movement which was based on learning by doing.

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Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises (ASE) is a well-established and diversifed industrial house in India with a rich legacy that dates back to the founding of the Calico and Jubilee textile mills by Ambalal Sarabhai. Over the years, the company has undergone signifcant expansion and diversifcation under the visionary leadership of Dr. Vikram

Dr. Sarabhai was a highly accomplished scientist and a driving force behind the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry in India. He leveraged the knowledge and resources of ASE to create diferent pharmaceutical groups that became synonymous with high-quality and reliable medicines in India. Dr. Sarabhai also played a key role in the development and implementation of space science in India, cementing the country’s position as a global leader in this feld.

ASE’s focus on drugs and pharmaceuticals helped establish the company as a major player in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, and by the mid-80s, it had become the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the country. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of Dr. Sarabhai and his team. Today, ASE continues to uphold Dr. Sarabhai’s vision and ideals, emphasizing innovation, quality, and ethical business practices. The company is committed to advancing the cause of Indian industry and is constantly exploring new opportunities for growth and expansion. With a rich history of success and a bright future ahead, ASE is a shining example of Indian entrepreneurship and industrial prowess.


Mr. Kartikeya V Sarabhai – Chairman
Mr. Sarabhai has done his postgraduate studies at MIT –USA. He has a long association with the Sarabhai Business and Pharmaceutical sector. He has been a member of the board and appointed as a chairman in ASE. He is also involved in a number of policies initiated by the Government of India particularly in the environmental and educational fields. He is a Director in CEE (Centre for Environmental Education).
Mr. Mohal K. Sarabhai – Director
Mr. Sarabhai is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of WISCONSIN -Madison who started his career as an Engineer in the field of biomechanics residing in USA . He has been actively associated with the pharmaceutical industry since the last 15 years, having worked in India and in International markets. He has been associated with ASENCE Inc, USA since its inception in 2003 and currently is the President, CEO and Director of ASENCE, USA and ASENCE Pharma Pvt. Ltd, India. He is also managing director of Synbiotics Limited.

Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd manufactures a huge mass drugs pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceuticals segment is involved in production of several drugs and formulations. Pharmacy business of ASE Ltd was varied into Sarabhai Chemicals, S G Pharamaceuicals' Sarabhai M Chemicals, Standard Chemicals. Their subordinates include Synbiotics Ltd Haryana Containers Ltd Aaence inc Asence Pharma Pvt Ltd Mautik Exim Ltd Systronics (l) Ltd Suvik Hitek Pvt Ltd and Vovanties Lab Pvt Ltd. Production of the group was counted for about 8% of the total manufacture of drugs & pharmaceuticals in the country. SG Pharmaceuticals was then started by the group. Standard Pharmaceuticals was a prime producer of pencillin.

The highly purified Procins Insulins were introduced by the group and the production of Human Insulin Products started later on.'CONTRAMAL' an oral formulation was manufactured and introduced for the first time in the country in collaboration with Leading German pharmaceutical brands. The group is the foremost and leading with marketing rights and has strong presence in IT solutions and telecom sector including audio and video broadcasting.

The company was incorported on June 5,1978 and became a public limited company in December 1980. It engaged in scientific participation with A major pharamaceutical manufacturer in Brazil to manufacture decontaminated insulin injections. In the course of 1998-99 Sarabhai Chemicals signed a compliance with Netherlands based Organization to intoduce their anti-cancer drug in India. In the course of year 1999-2000 the company came into an MoU for retailing of Oncology products of a prime manufacturer from USA.

In the year 2005, a distinct oncology Division was sculpt & built to cover India.In 2012, the company expanded and winged its way towards new stations viz Infertility, Dermatology, Cosmetology,Critical care and Veterinary .SARABHAI CHEMICALS is the major manufacturer of Amphotericin. At present time Sarabhai Chemicals is running over the country with upskilled field force. the company's interconnection has escalated nationwide with 108 stockiest & numerous retailers covering all the corners of the country. The company's different business groups even cover the micro places for instance the generic products are extended covering small villages.

Internationaly Sarabhai Chemicals is identified by Asence Pharma private Limited, a subsidiary company of Asence INC. The company is controlling its business network around the country with 50 executives headquarters in various places from Shrinagar to Trivandrum and Ahemdabad to Kolkata.